Mark Mothersbaugh and Shepard Fairey art exhibit - The Big Picture
Oh the red, plastic upside down flower-pot-ish hats, and the throbbing techno beat — Man did I love Devo back in the day. Frontman Mark Mothersbaugh has always been a visionary and an artist (maybe your kids know him from Yo Gabba Gabba?) but he also happens to be quite the philanthropist.

Mark and fellow artist Shepard Fairey collaborated on a brand new art exhibit in LA called The Big Picture that’s worth a visit if you’re in SoCal.

The exhibit features fascinating and fanciful prints that don’t just
challenge the viewer to look deeper, but also raise awareness for The
Art of Elysium’s Elysium Project, a charity that enriches the lives of gravely ill children through art, music and other creative outlets.

The show is being held at Subliminal Projects
in Los Angeles through February 19th. But even if you can’t make it to
this über-hip gallery showing, you can find out more about the Elysium
Project through their website. I was amazed at all the celebrities who
have worked with this wonderful organization. I always love it when stars use their powers for good.–Betsy

Check out The Big Picture Exhibit
in person at Subliminal Projects located at: 1331 W Sunset Blvd., Los
Angeles, CA now through February 19th. To learn more about, or donate to, The Elysium Project go to

[via design milk]


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