Wee Gallery Temporary TattoosGreat art is beautiful, interesting, well-crafted, and has staying power.

Surprise! That also describes these cool new temporary tattoos by one of CMP’s favorite designers.

Our old pals at Wee Gallery have found a fantastic new way to pepper the
world with their adorable, stylish art. It’s on your kid, thanks to
these sweet new temporary tattoos. What used to be just a fun little extra included with purchases from the shop is now available in four-packs of three designs, each drawn in the whimsical style that makes Wee Gallery so unique.

We gave the sweet faux ink a test run this week, and I’m here to report that their quality is, as expected, peerless. They go on easily, have sharp lines, last a long time, and remove relatively easily with rubbing alcohol or tape. And they don’t have that filmy, fake look of most temporary tattoos; they look more like well-drawn Sharpie masterpieces. What a neat goodie bag favor!

Whether you choose the Dino, Jungle, or Garden set, they’re also great conversation starters, since no one’s really seen anything like them before. In fact, my two-year-old’s longest sentence is now, Mommy, look at my new T.Rex tattoo. ~Delilah

Buy temporary tattoos from Wee Gallery. They’ve got some other cool stuff, too.