Chalkboard bib!Yes, chalkboards are huge right now. From mugs at Starbucks to the chalkboard wall decals we’ve covered here, scribbles on black is hott with two wobbly, handwritten T’s.

And here’s a unique and adorable way to jump in on the cuteness, whether for your own little darling or maybe your favorite preggers preschool teacher.

The useful Chalkboard Bib is handcrafted of soft, sturdy cotton with a backing of softer, just as sturdy, organic cotton flannel. The letters and numbers are even hand-drawn, making each one unique. And you get two with each order, so you can share the blackboard love. Or keep them for yourself, if you have an extra messy baby who can’t mind her peas and Q’s.

We also love that the bib closes with velcro, so there are no metal parts or ties to get gooped up with strained pears. All in all, we feel it’s imperative that you buy a pair of bibs to impair the parade of pears. If Laura Ingalls Wilder had a baby today, this is totally what they’d wear to dinner at Ma and Pa’s house.~Delilah

Find the sweet set of Chalkboard bibs at