Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
It’s been a long time since I’ve munched on a beignet or window-shopped my way down Royal Street, but I have very fond memories of my last trip to the fabulous city of New Orleans and how alive it always is with music and laughter.

From my home many miles away, I can’t do much to replicate what’s going on at Mardi Gras (except maybe the noise level), but I thought it would be fun to celebrate a few of our favorite Etsians who hail from NOLA. -Christina

NOLA house
Big fans of NOLA might sport this handcut sterling and brass NOLA Shotgun Necklace as a sort of wearable postcard, or opt for the Let the Good Times Roll pendant (at top), both created by the crazy-named Ya Betta Supa Don’t. You can almost hear the horns, can’t you?
Ruffle bag
I could stash a whole lot in the lovely ruffled linen canvas bag from Bayou Salvage, though I wish she’d tuck a muffaletta in there for me too. I love the slouchy look, and apparently I’m not the only one: Some of her items can also be found at the NOLA Anthropologie store.
Vintage Doc Martens
Oh the cuteness of these vintage children’s Doc Martens for sale at Easy Street Vintage! Don’t despair too much if they get snatched up—the shop has loads of neat, one-of-a-kind vintage items with inventory that changes all the time.
daisy earrings
How pretty are the cheeful daisy earrings from NOLA’s Monique Leon? This shop has quite a few sweet inspired-by-nature designs including the wonderful maple seed pod pendant which reminds me of the days we used to stick them to the ends of our noses.
Pixie skirt
My little pixie of a daughter would twirl herself dizzy in this yummy-sounding creme brulee-color Mini Skirt from CreoleSha. Get 10% off at her shop with coupon MARDIGRAS2011.

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