Handbag accessories by Petunia Pickebottom
Over the course of a mama’s diaper bag carrying years, there will be times she may curse that heavy bag and long for the carefree and fabulous purses of her youth. But as time goes by, that longing to be rid of the diaper bag turns into–or at least it has for me–a wistful longing to keep it around forever.

Diaper bags aren’t only practical and convenient, but if you’re buying the right ones (of course you are, you’re reading CMP, after all!)  they’re also beautiful.

Never fear diaper bag loving mamas! Petunia Pickle Bottom
has come to your rescue with a new line of beautiful accessories that
make any bag –not just a diaper bag– even better. And they mean you
get to enjoy their classically beautiful fabric prints a whole lot
longer, too.

From the prettiest ID Tags I’ve ever seen to gorgeous cosmetics
bags and reusable shopping bags, there are so many ways to keep the
diaper bag love alive. There’s even a stylish new Wanderlust Wallet with
all kinds of space to hold cards, photos, coins and more.

I love these new ways to breathe life into an otherwise boring bag.
Because once I’m not carrying around a handy diaper bag, I’m going to
need somewhere else stylish to cram stuff, no? –Stephanie

Find the new accessories online from Petunia Pickle Bottom

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