Good Habits Chore Chart for KidsWe’ve long extolled the benefits of a chore chart for kids. It’s remarkable the things you can get a preschooler to do in exchange for a little star sticker. (Free child labor!) Now I’ve found a new chore chart that not only keeps the kids motivated, it looks fantastic and it’s actually fun to use.

The colorful new Good Habits Job Chart from one of my favorite companies, eeboo, is just delightful. Nine little windows suggest daily chores like Brush your teeth, Eat a healthy food, or Put the dirty clothes in the laundry. Spin a knob when it’s completed to reveal kudos like Good job!

I especially like the sheet of stickers that let you customize your own
chores (we’re working on “listen the first time” around here) and the
congratulatory messages. You might even label them with a monetary value
if you have older kids who earn their allowances.

Does it work? My kids are running around the house proclaiming We’re doing chores! with the same enthusiasm as We’re going to Disney World! The new Happiest Place on Earth: Our home. –Liz

Find the new Good Habits Job Chart Chore Chart from our affiliate amazon or from independent boutiques everywhere.