Healthy snack bars by KINDI am tired of grabbing a quick, on-the-go “power” bar for my kids (and for me), only to find yet again that we’re just eating a glorified candy bar. When I choose to put candy in my kids’ lunch, I want it to be mindfully (yay! candy!), and when I reach for a healthy snack, I actually want it healthy.

And? I want healthy to taste awesome. Is that so much to ask for?

My household is really digging the new KIND minis,
which are smaller versions of their original gluten/wheat/dairy-free KIND snack bars. They’re approximately 100
calories, made with recognizable ingredients and they are truly,
genuinely super yummy.

The Fruit & Nut Delight bars are flying out
of the house and into lunch boxes (and stashed in my purse) faster
than I can buy them.  – Barbara

KIND minis are sold in major grocery stories and delis, or you can order directly from the KIND fruit+nut website.