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I sent my daughter to kindergarten with the new version of the slap bracelet that’s out, and she was instantly the most popular girl in class. Which means absolutely nothing has changed in 25 years.

Yep, slap bracelets are back.

This time it’s called the SLAPlet , and it’s made of a a sleek-looking silicone which
beats the cheap glitzy metal ones we wore back in my days of yore. Of
course these come ready-made with a marketing angle–little
“customizable” colored rings sold separately that you can slip on and off to make your bracelets
your own. 3 come included with the bracelet.

I’d presume if they catch on you’ll start seeing the rings
take on all the personality of those little thingies in the Crocs, but
for now they’re basically solid colors.

These things have the potential to be huge if they get some distribution. They’re only $5.99 each, so they’re perfect for goodie bag gifts or a little auntie gift when you go to visit your older nieces and nephews. And all things being equal equal, I prefer them to Silly Bandz–or as I’ve seen them
called, “Roomba Destroyers.” At least our cats won’t try to eat the
SLAPlets. –Liz

Find the new slap bracelets online from the SLAPlet website. And check out Cool Mom Tech to see slap bracelets that hold the iPod Nano. Cool!

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