Super SPF 25 moisturizerRelying on an SPF moisturizer alone has always worried me just a little bit. With hours of playground and beach time ahead of me this summer, I need my skin to be well protected (and to look pretty, too). But I’m a tough customer when it comes to my sun protection. My SPF has to be a physical block, like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, and be free of as many toxins as possible.

It’s hard to find that all in one facial moisturizer.

And yet, I found a new product that fits the bill: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Daylight Savings SPF 25 Moisturizer. (Yes, it’s a mouthful.)

celebrity doc’s new line of skincare is based on his obsession with
antioxidant-rich super foods. To that end, the cleverly named Daylight Savings is made with
the super food turmeric, which helps heal sun damaged skin, as well as
vitamin C to tone and even out the complexion. The SPF comes from zinc
oxide, as opposed to the chemical sunscreens, which my skin hates. 

The formula isn’t greasy and even makes my skin glisten a little, but not in an oily, need a hankie kind of way.

much as I like what’s inside the bottle, it’s what’s not inside that appeals to the greenie cleanie in me: No parabens,
phthaltes, sulfates or synthetic dyes and fragrances. It’s rare to find a
doctor-backed brand that’s toxin-free and eco-friendly. Looks like Dr. P
really got his stuff together for this line.

At $38, it may be pricier than just a regular old sunscreen, but
Daylight Savings is also a daily moisturizer. Plus I’m happy to pay for
something I know that’s actually good for my skin–and the environment.

Find the entire Super by Dr. Perricone range at Sephora or on And psst, I’m also a huge fan of the Super Lush Lips with Coconut Oil, which tastes as yummy as it sounds.