Sometimes having a son instead of daughter can be disappointing when it comes to sartorial selections. Although our cool clothes for boys category has been blowing up with new finds in recent weeks. Now, it’s the new Appaman Fine Tailoring collection of super-hip suits makes me want to break out in a rendition of Let’s Hear it For the Boy.

Appaman‘s co-founder/head designer Harald Husum was inspired by the ultimate suave dresser, Mad Men’s Don Draper. Husum made sure all the details on the mini suit measured up to the meticulous standards of a grown-up hipster. The suit’s lining is adorned with Appaman’s awesome ape logo, the fabric in choice of vintage black or mist is ultra-soft, and the piping is done in a bold red.

What I love about this suit most is its versatility. I’ve always thought buying a suit for a toddler was a little silly, unless there was a legit occasion. But Appaman’s suit is well made (with a price to match), so your little man can don a tie with it for a wedding or pair it with a laid back tee for kicking it on the sidewalk with his boys.  Let’s hear it for them.

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