Cool wall art for kids
We painted one wall in my daughter’s room pink and that pink has annoyed me for the past four years. It’s not a good pink. It’s a Pepto pink. I would repaint, but the ceiling is vaulted so… I know my limits. I have looked for artwork to offset the color and not until now (four years later!) have I found the next best thing to hiring a painter.

Nidhi Chanani‘s
Etsy shop features original illustration that could be straight out of a
children’s book, filled with adventure and magic. Each illustration
captures a moment in a whimsical and intriguing world. And a lot of the
illustrations are primarily earth tones which makes them the perfect
antidote to pink.

Art print by Nidhi Chanani

favorites are A Grand Adventure, Away From it All and Road to Hanna. I bet a child would love to grow up
wondering what was happening in these mysterious pictures. –Elizabeth

Find nursery art and original prints online at The Art of Nidhi Chanani.

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