eos everyday hand lotion
I like to think I’m something of a hand lotion connoisseur. With the constant post-diaper hand washing, I’m glopping on the stuff at an alarming rate. I’ve tried pretty much every brand on the market and have always walked away wringing my (dry) hands in frustration. Some are too greasy, not hydrating enough or just plain smell bad.

Then I met eos everyday hand lotion and was immediately smitten. The cool, modern looking orb holds some of the best lotion I’ve every gotten my thirsty paws on, and I’ve tried a lot.

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The formula is 97% natural and literally melts into the skin, thanks to
loads of antioxidants and vitamins. It’s phthalate, paraben and
lanolin-free, so you can smother on as much as needed without worry.

a sucker for the crisp cucumber scent, but their original scent (a
light and lovely, clean floral) smells pretty darn good, too. The
portability factor is also a huge plus. The thin, palm-sized bottle is
the perfect size for purses, diaper bags and even pockets. 

Eos, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, also offers addictive lip balms (in funky-looking spheres). My hands have never been so happy. –Melissa

May 2,
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