Finding a non-cheesy Mother’s Day gift for grandma is no easy feat. There aren’t many obvious options, besides the expected grandchildren paraphernalia (ie anything that bears a photo of said grand-spawn). Not that we don’t love giving grandmas something with your kids’ actual mug on it, but an alternative is an actual mug–if it’s as cool as this one.

The Postcup
allows you to write a sweet message for grandma to see every time she
goes to have a sip of her morning coffee or tea. Making the gift is half the fun. Create a fun message with
your kids, use the provided porcelain pen to write it, then bake it for
35 minutes. Kind of like a grown up version of Shrinky Dinks!

The tasteful black and
white mug is the antithesis to those “World’s Best Grandma”
cups at the card store although obviously, it costs a whole lot more. Good thing she’ll use it every day forever. –Melissa

Find the Postcup online at Bailey Doesn’t Bark. And find even more Mother’s Day Gifts on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

[via swiss miss]

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