Sometimes, I feel like my face is a battlefield. Since that first, confusing teen pimple, I’ve tried everything from earth mama oil cleansing, to whatever Glamour told me to use, to a more…. well, scorched earth policy of serious prescription retinoids that made me peel like a lizard. Ouch.

But for the first time, I’ve found something that makes my face feel blissful. Which makes sense, since “bliss” is right there in the name: Blissoma.

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The line of Blissoma skincare
from Irie Star is an award-winning collection of 100% natural and
vegetarian products that I seriously look forward to using every day.
Each part of the line is made of naturally sourced plant-based ingredients — fresh herb extracts, fruit juices, and seed oils, all put together to help your skin’s biochemical processes do what they can do so well.

Which is great and all. But what really matters is that these products
feel wonderful.

I love both of the facial cleansing bars–
one for sensitive skin and one for aging skin. They have a lovely
lather, make my face feel truly clean, and are great for traveling. I’ll
definitely be reordering. If facial soap isn’t your thing, the Mild
Rice Cleanser is also very gentle and has a lovely wild lemon aroma. And I only had a little sample of the Refine – Clay
Renewal Treatment, but I used it all up and then had to use a Q-tip to
get the last bits out, since it made my skin feel so refreshed. And most of all, the two facial lotions I tried really impressed me. The Smooth A+ Moisture Serum and the Awake Morning Facial Moisture smell like they’re made of
springtime, or super-expensive chewable vitamins–like when they soak
into your skin, your skin reaches out with open arms.

basically, I loved everything.

If my face was once a battlefield, it’s now a verdant meadow. Ah, bliss. ~Delilah

Buy Blissoma skincare direct from Irie Star or from Amazon. Also check out their skincare sets store specials. They also have occasional giveaways on their Facebook page.
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