still remember when my mom painted a mural in my room. I was five, and
it was a 70’s-style jungle scene. I got to help. Seven years later, I
took up the muralist’s brush myself and even helped pay my rent in
college by whipping up Snoopy nurseries and flower gardens and my own,
90’s style jungles.

Sadly, painted murals have mostly been replaced with those clever
stick-on decals, which are cheaper and easier to switch out when princesses
are out and owls are in. But we’ve found a muralist taking kids’ rooms
to the next level– and beyond.

Artist and designer Jason Hulfish crafted that unbelievable Star Wars kids room you see right there. You can scroll through dozens of other
masterpieces on his website,
including fairy tales, pirates, underwater scenes, fairies, and seriously amazing  3D dinosaurs. His designs are limited only by the
imagination of the children involved– and, we’re guessing, the depth of
the pocketbooks of their parents.

If you love daydreaming about an utterly unique kids’ room that goes beyond the
walls to the bed, the ceiling, and the floor, you won’t want to miss
these photos. And you can even contact him
for a free on-site consultation. Who knows? Maybe he’ll let your kid
help paint a little bit. .~Delilah

Gaze in awe at the dream children’s rooms by artist Jason Hulfish.


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