Star Wars fans are nodding sagely at this headline and raising their glasses of blue milk. To the rest of you, maybe you noticed how “May the fourth” sounds like “May the Force?” Yeah. All it takes is one fabulous pun, and we Star Wars geeks see an opportunity for a full-on Boba Fete every time May 4 rolls around.

And because you know that several of the Cool Mom contributors are–ahem–full time geeks, we bring you this round-up of some of our favorite Star Wars picks from Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech. Pretty Wicket, huh?

Star Wars gear round-up

First of all, you must browse through our mini-round-up of Star Wars geekery for back to school. Just because it’s almost summer vacation doesn’t mean you don’t need cool new summer sneakers or a lunch bag for all those camp lunches that will probably go uneaten. Except for the Yoda shaped cookies. (Bonus! Those lunchboxes are on sale right now!)

Space Wars finger puppets

We briefly mentioned the “Space Wars” finger puppets in this post about the coolest handmade finger puppets ever. They’re still available, and they’re amazing. Nothing says “family” like acting out the big Darth Vader death reveal with hand-knitted puppets. Doesn’t Luke’s little face look all conflicted?

CMP love Star Wars flash drives

If you find it hard to trust your free, ad-splattered flash drive, the handmade Yoda Flash Drive (shown at top) might feel like an intelligent choice. Or go for the this 2G R2D2 flash drive. After all, that spunky little bot has survived wars, swamps, fire, and a very close brush with the Sarlaac. There are 17 Star Wars characters available, although I don’t
know how I feel about that Wompa.

With both Mother’s Day and (Luke, I’m your) Father’s Day coming up, check out these cool Star Wars inspired cards. We originally featured the “I love you/I know” interplay between Leia and Han, but we’re thinking the R2D2 and his mom card at the top of this post might be just right for serving mom nerf bacon in bed next week.

Whatever planet you’re on today, whether you’re playing with your Padawans or saving the galaxy from evil, May the Fourth be with you! –Grand Moff Delilah

P.S. Did you hear that the entire Star Wars saga is scheduled to be released in a 9-disc Blue Ray edition set this September? Shh. A little Jawa told us.


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