Funny story– I almost didn’t want to feature this (utterly amazing) facial moisturizer. “I don’t think I see a difference,” I said to myself. “I look great, but surely that’s just me.”

So I stopped using it. And then I noticed that my face didn’t look as young. My skin didn’t look as radiant. My eyes didn’t look as perky. In short, when I stopped using it, I looked older.

So I apologized to it, kissed its feet, and am now using it again. And you should, too.

It’s called Mama Mio Mighty Moisture,
and it just impressed the tar out of me. For one thing, it’s a
multitasker that can replace your day cream, night cream, firming serum,
and primer. It has a very light smell and a lovely texture, and just
one pump covers your entire face. It’s utterly packed to the gills with
high protein moisturizers, antioxidants, firming proteins, and other good stuff, but without the petroleum
products or carcinogens.

I find it’s
lightweight enough to keep my skin from breaking out, but moisturizing
enough to last. And although I think the little booklet of facial
exercises that comes with it is kind of silly, I can’t complain about
the results I’m seeing. Vibrant is the word. I look freaking vibrant.

Mio has a whole new facial line that I dearly wish they’d sent over, in
triplicate, if everything is as fabulous as Mighty Moisture. They also
offer a wide range of products for pregnancy, stretch marks, and more, some of which has delighted other Cool Mom Picks writers. I don’t know about all that. But I
know about Mighty Moisture, and mama mio, is it mighty. ~Delilah

Find Mama Mio Mighty Moisture on the Mama Mio website or at our affiliate, Amazon.

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