Little Alouette Wooden stacking toy
Now that my near 7-month-old can make her way around the floor, she can reach all the little teeny toys my older kids have grown accustomed to scattering everywhere. Aside from sending them to another room to play, I’ve found three toys that actually keep her occupied better–and more safely– than the tiny LEGO blocks she’s trying to score from one of her siblings. 

Make sure to bookmark them the next time you need to bring a gift to your friends not-so-new baby that you’ve been meaning to visit all year.

Truth be told, I bought this stacker toy as a Christmas gift for my now two-year-old
when she was a baby, but never gave it to her. So when Bridget started
moving around, I pulled it out of the box and gave it to her instead.
The wood is super smooth and the pieces are light enough for her to pick
up and clack together or chew on. She’s yet to actually get to the stacking part, but until that happens, she still has a great time playing with the pieces.

BToys Hugs Links

My older kids aren’t the least bit interested in these linking toys, but my youngest absolutely loves them. When she doesn’t have them hanging out of her mouth, she loves to clack them to together and shake them. I’m a fan because they’re the perfect size for little hands and while they do make enough noise to entertain her, they’re not loud enough to give me a headache. Plus there’s a ton in the pack, so you’re never left without any.

Fleece Balls for Baby

While I don’t have these exact fleece balls, recently featured here, I have one that’s quite similar, and it’s one of our all time favorite baby toys. The bright colors and soft fabrics are perfect for babies, but I’m happy that my older kids can toss it around without knocking her out–always a plus.

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