LilyPad baby play mat from NookMy baby has reached the flip-over-at-every-opportunity stage. Which means two seconds after we place him on his back on his playmat, he’s rolled off the mat and is face down on the bare floor. And then two seconds after that I’m freaking out that he’s going to face-plant on the hardwood. Not a pretty picture. Particularly not while I’m sitting on the toilet.

This is why I kind of think I’d love the new LilyPad Playmat from Nook. Not only is it made from the same soft, eco-friendly and baby-safe material as the Nook mattresses
(a CMP fave), but it’s bigger than most of the little playmats I’ve
seen. And it’s round. Which, as far as I can tell, means my son would
have to become a little more adept at rolling before he could make it

And I adore how the LilyPad Playmat folds up and fastens together with a little
carry handle because, goodness knows, we mamas need to be able to take
these things places. Even if it’s just upstairs to the bathroom floor.
(Don’t worry. It’s machine washable, too!) –Stephanie