Maternity pants from Belly Bandit
There have been many times during my pregnancy that I’ve been tempted to leave the house naked. Not to flaunt my maternal form, but rather because wearing clothing during pregnancy can be so darn uncomfortable.

Sure maternity jeans are forgiving, but until I stepped into B.D.A. Pants from Belly Bandit, I didn’t realize just how comfortable a pair of pants could be.

Made from insanely soft bamboo, B.D.A. pants (which stands for
Before, During and After) are literally the next best thing to going naked.
Better actually, since they cover my half-shaven legs. The slim
fold-over drawstring waist allows a perfect fit for every form. The
drawstrings are up the side, so they create a pretty ruching effect and
you can easily pull a long maternity tunic over the waist and not have
any bulk.

The flowing, drapey silhouette may be a little too I Dream of Jeanie for some tastes, but not for me. In fact I found the billowy looseness to be quite flattering.

only days away from bidding farewell to pregnancy, and unlike the rest
of my maternity clothes, these pants will definitely be around to see me
beyond my postpartum time. –Melissa

B.D.A. Pants ($69.95) are available in black, brown and gray. Buy them on the Belly Bandit website.

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