We love how tech isn’t just for speaker-geek guys any more. It’s
smarter, it’s inspired by nature, and it solves some of a mama’s most
basic problems in a chic way. If you haven’t been visiting Cool Mom Tech lately, here are some of this week’s coolest, problem-solving picks.

1. Splash. Your digital camera is dead! …or is it?

2. An iPhone telephoto lens so amazing, it captured the space shuttle launch. We’d imagine it could handle a kid’s soccer game too.

3. We love this great looking–and cheap!–way to keep those pesky cords organized.

4. This week we launch our reco for Kids Music Download of the Week to keep those playlists from getting stale. No Wiggles, promise.

5. If you need a gift for a mom who doesn’t do mom jewelry, we’re digging this chic mom jewelry made with tech moms in mind

*BONUS: Become a Cool Mom Tech subscriber and win a Sony VAIO laptop prize pack worth $950. Whoo!

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