Gourmet popcorn from Gilt TasteIf you have yet to visit, there’s a deliciously gorgeous, high-end new site for the foodies mamas among us: Gilt Taste. It’s like everything that’s great about Gilt plus everything that was great about Gourmet.

Gilt Taste in fact is helmed by former Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl. So not surprisingly, you’ll find tips on cooking and introductions to new foods, dishes and
ideas written by the in-the-knows of the foodie world, like Gourmet‘s Barry Estabrook and Orangette‘s
Molly Wizenberg.

The free membership site includes an online market,
giving you direct access to artisan products often only available to elite urban foodies or professional chefs. You can order stracapra
(exclusive to New York’s esteemed Murray’s Cheese Shop), or the delectable,
Philly-based John & Kira salted caramel chocolate bees.

than an e-commerce site, you can purchase the items, read the stories of
the growers and artisans involved, and learn how to prepare them. Want six
live Maine lobsters plucked from the ocean and on your doorstep within
twenty four hours and you want them to be sustainably caught — and
you’d also like to know exactly who caught them? Done, by the Libby

If nothing else, the gorgeous photos and exotic items make for
mighty tasty web surfing. – Barbara

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