Mix CD for Father's DayAsk my kids what songs make them think of their dad, and they’ll rattle off a bunch of Rock Band tunes–which gives you a hint as to one of their favorite pastimes. Chances are your kids too can name some songs that make them think “dad”, and for this Father’s Day, I love this inexpensive and personalized gift that puts all those tunes in one place.

Blogging mama Brenda has a clever Mix CD tutorial over at Alphamom just in time for Father’s Day. I also love her instructions for recording a personal greeting on the CD. Her daughter sings a song she created just for her dad, though I suppose even a chorus of “I love you daddy!” from the kids would be enough to choke up the big guy. 

Baby too young to speak? Then leave your own message about why your guy is the best dad in the world. It’ll make his day.

To complete the audio, there are also some great printable covers to choose from, like the firery Rockin’ Dad or funky Mix Master Dad designs. Or, print out the blank template and let your kids design their own with crayons and stickers. It’s bound to be a hit. –Christina

Find the free Father’s Day CD cover downloads and tutorial at Alphamom. And be sure to check out all of our Father’s Day gift ideas.