I am an earnest, but distracted gardener. I have a garden box in my yard, one withholding lemon tree, and an egg carton (maybe) sprouting herbs on my windowsill. I’ve also grown a fungus or two, but it’s always been accidental and I never tried to eat them. That’s about to change.

Back to the Roots is a sustainable, urban mushroom farm started by a group of friends in college, and their Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden couldn’t be easier. You can grow your own gourmet oyster mushrooms in
as little as 10 days, right in the box. Just set it on a windowsill, mist it twice daily, and the mushrooms should pop by day 7 yielding about 1.5 pounds of mushrooms–such a great project for kids.

Plus: stir fry!

Find the Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden online from Back to the Roots

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