Baggu DaypackSometimes when I’m chasing four kids around the zoo, the playground, or the pool, I’ve wished for a bag that I can just pop on my back. Yes, I know that’s called a “backpack,” however, I’m not really a backpack kind of a gal. Plus  I don’t need to carry the weight of an actual extra kid on my back– just something small and light to carry a few sippy cups, snacks, and my personal items.

Leave it to Baggu to make just that.

The new Baggu Daypack is the perfect lightweight nylon backpack for busy
moms, or even teens or tweens who just need to tote a few things
around, but want the ease of being hands-free. With thin straps and a
plastic loop closure, you’re not going to be carrying around beach
towels or an entire picnic lunch for six. But they’re great for a few snacks and
sippies on day trips, or other occasions when a
shoulder bag would weigh you down.

Best of all, the Baggu Daypacks fold up into their own compact little pockets,
which means you can pop one under your stroller or in your car,
so you’ve always got one handy. -Kristen

You can purchase the new Baggu Daypacks at Baggu. And if you want a
sturdier backpack, take a look at their actual Backpack line.