There are still a few things about me that give me a teeny bit of remaining indie cred (I’ve visited the Etsy offices! I own the first They Might Be Giants album on cassette!) but tattoos are definitely not one of them. I know, I know–they’ve considered kicking me out of Brooklyn for it.

Well it turns out that one fellow Brooklyn parent who still has indie cred up the whazoo, blogger Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss, has gone and fixed that for me. She hasn’t opened up a tattoo shop in DUMBO–but maybe the next best thing.

Tattly temporary tattoos are the coolest thing I’ve seen in body art since the henna tattoo craze of 1996. Instead of bad clip art, they’re conceptual, well-designed, often humorous temporary tattoos designed by artists across the country and Canada, all inspired by photography, typography, graphic design, and Milton Glaser jokes.

While most are going to appeal to you adult design nerds, how awesome would Julia Rothman’s robot tattoos be on your kids? More awesome than the free ones promoting the latest animated movie that came in your box of Cheerios, that’s for sure.

tattly temporary tattoos
tattly temporary tattoos
tattly temporary tattoos
tattly temporary tattoos

A set of 2 is $5 with a launch special right now for $35 if you want the whole shebang. Grab a few and save them for your next art gallery
opening or (heh) PTA meeting.<

I think Tina's own line on the website sums it up perfectly: Life is too short to drink bad wine and wear ugly temporary tattoos. Words to live by.

Find Tattly temporary tattoos online at Even the website url is fabulous!
Psst…you can also submit your own design if you’re a designer.