Jumbo Swirly stroller hookYou know what I love most about my stroller? Having something to toss all my stuff in whenever I’m out. I’m not kidding. I really do depend on a stroller to be my pack mule.

And now there’s the simplest little invention that helps me do it.

The Jumbo Swirly Hook from the mom inventor of the brilliant Buggy Cup,
is right up my alley. It attaches to a stroller handle bar (think
Bugaboo type, not umbrella handles) with a velcro strap. And then you’ve
instantly got yourself a handy-dandy hook to put lots of bags on, even
with a baby in your arms.

Okay, so you have to be careful about
overloading it and having the stroller tip over (well, I do, at least).
But frankly, though I have a distinct memory of tipping over in my own
stroller back in my own childhood, I’m not haunted by it. Quite the
contrary. It just makes me proud thinking, boy, did my mom ever know how
to shop. –Stephanie P.

Find the Jumbo Swirly Hook online from Think King