Boumy leather baby booties
Just when I thought I had seen all the baby booties in the world, I was introduced to these gorgeous Dutch made cuties,, which, for the first time ever are available in the United States and Canada. Lucky us!

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Meet Boumy, a well-known Dutch brand of stylish, 100% leather baby booties that have finally made it across the Atlantic for us North American mamas. While yes, they’re similar in shape and feel to other baby bootie brands you may have already seen, I love a couple special features. Like the slightly roughened soles to keep your babies from sliding around on the too soft leather. And the unique, European-influenced styles that are a little sleeker and less cutesy that what we tend to see around here.

Yes, girls do in fact like browns and blues as well as pinks and purples. Surprise! -Kristen

You can purchase Boumy leather baby booties on their website.

Congratulations to the winner, Ashley L.! She won two pairs of girl booties from Boumy. 

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