Little Beans Cafe, ChicagoIt’s kind of amazing how far daycare has come. Whether you’re reclaiming date night or just need a few minutes to work (or read) in peace, specialized work/play centers are popping up all over the country to supervise your kids when you can’t. Some places focus on exercise and excitement, while others focus on education and parental comfort. Bonus: most of them include coffee. Here are a few we’ve found that look like a lot of fun for the kids… and you.

Portland, OR: WeVillage Urban Playcare

nighttime daycare: Brilliant! This licensed childcare facility is open
late to supervise kids ages 2 to 12 while you’re working, shopping, or
going out on the town. They don’t require reservations, and you can even
add on lunch or dinner for the kids from a place like Whole Foods.

Brooklyn, NY: Klub 4 Kidz
exciting playspace for drop-in or drop-off play includes a four-level
play structure, zip lines, slides, and a climbing wall. You must RSVP
for drop-off play, there’s a minimum of two hours, and children must be
ages 3 and up and potty-trained. Still… zip line! Hello.
Chicago, IL: Little Beans Cafe
imaginative village lets kids play in a firehouse, grocery store,
school, and more while mom and dad enjoy the cafe, classes, or events
like Manicure Monday. You can RSVP for up to 1.5 hours of supervised
play for ages 9 months and up, but you do have to stay on-site.
Atlanta, GA: Bean Work Play Cafe
The adult room at Bean Work Play Cafe in ATL
an office-away-from-the-office while your kids benefit from a
thoughtful, Reggio Emilia inspired learning and play program. While you
pound the keys at this posh but relaxing work space for adults, your 12
months to 6 year-old can enjoy a variety of pre-paid or as-needed
childcare packages.
San Francisco, CA: Peekadoodle Kids Club
a playspace modeled on beautiful San Francisco which includes a
Victorian townhouse and the Golden Gate Bridge, Peekadoodle promises to
keep members’ kids active, engaged, and happy. Parents can enjoy the
Cafe, Lounge Area, Quiet Room, or workshops on things like infant CPR or
cooking one-pot meals.
Do you use a work/play space in your area that’s really special? We’d love to hear about it!