While lots of companies are trying to build a better water bottle (just search water bottle on our site sometime), I’m actually surprised it took Brita so long to get into the game. But now here they are, with a sports bottle that has one of their filters built right in.

Fill up the substantial, BPA-free Brita Bottle right from a water fountain or sink, and the filter, which is attached to the sippie part at the top, filters out “chlorine taste and odor” as you drink. Note they say chlorine taste–not actual chlorine. So don’t be filling it with pool water. But it does mean if you need a refill on the road or at the gym, you can feel better about your choices.

The filter needs replacing about every 20 gallons or so, so if your kids are downing one of these bottles a day, that’s only once every four months.

It does come with a huge Brita plastic wrap label over it but fortunately, it’s easy to peel off. Then you’ve just got a nice, big blue sports bottle, and some well-hydrated kids. –Liz

Find the Brita Water Bottle online from shops like Target, Walgreens, and our affiliate Amazon.