Yo'DropsAs my dentist will attest, I was a big candy fan as a kid, and I was definitely a nerd for NERDS. (My favorite was the split box with cherry on one side and watermelon on the other.) Cut to 2011, when my children think plain yogurt with honey is a sugary treat. Oh, how the times have changed.

And yet, in a way, they haven’t. If you combine that yogurt with the NERDS of yore, you get a brilliant snack that my kids adore. They’re called Yo’Drops.

Yo’ Drops are another nutritious hit from our pals at Revolution Foods,
combining the health of yogurt with the crunchable fun of candy. And
they’re organic, too, from the hormone-free lowfat milk in the yogurt to
the ripe, non-GMO fruits mixed in. We tried Strawberry Banana-rama,
Mango Mania, and… the other flavor that my kids demolished before I could
write it down.

Wait, Berry Blast.

Each flavor was loved, begged for, and
devoured. In fact, my kids loved Yo’ Drops so much that I actually had
to hide them so I could get some peace.

what I really love is that each packet contains only 3g of sugar and no
artificial ingredients. My kids get all the joy of yogurt (without the
mess) and candy (without the actual candy). And when they spill it–
inevitably– I just sweep up the yogurt balls.  ~Delilah
Find Yo’ Drops fruit and yogurt snacks at Ecomom, with five packs per $3.99 box.