Sweet, Sweet Tea
It’s 110 million degrees in Atlanta, and the thought of heating enough water to brew ice tea is horrifying. But I’m not willing to settle for the cheap stuff at the store that’s neither green nor tea, if you get my drift.

Enter these lovely bottles of organic tea, brewed to perfection by one of our favorite tea experts.

The new Summer Iced Teas by
the Republic of Tea are a welcome relief from the heat… and my own
laziness. They’re made with all-natural
ingredients and contain no calories.

Let me repeat that: No calories. 

The Sweet Black Iced Tea is my favorite, crisp and just sweet enough, thanks to stevia leaves.
And by “my favorite,” I mean that I drank the entire bottle over the
course of one meal and did that Southern “ahh” thing after every sip.
The Sweet Green Iced Tea is also a hit, with a bright flavor and just the right amount of sweetness. The Natural Hibiscus Iced Tea is also delightful with a fruity, cooling, sophisticated flavor–although I do have to add my own stevia, since I’m
from Georgia and am legally required to drink my tea sweet.
Quality tea, brewed
just the way I like it, in beautiful bottles that I’m saving for summer
bouquets. That, my friends, suits me to a tea.~Delilah
Find the Summer Iced Teas for $5 per bottle at the Republic of Tea website or in local stores.

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