Maternity and nursing lingerie by BelabumbumHaving just had a baby three months ago, I know oh so well the need to be comfy during pregnancy–especially when you sleep. Forget about getting up to pee every 20 minutes, there’s also the issue of sleeping on your back or your side (I’m a tummy sleeper) and let’s not forget the muscle aches. So when I slipped into the ridiculously comfy–and yet stylish–maternity lingerie from Belabumbum, I yawned with excitement.

I packed a set of Belabumbum’s lounge pants and a nursing camisole with me for my hospital stay and lived in the
pants the entire time. I had a c-section, so the downy-soft pants were
the perfect thing against my scar. In truth, I barely felt like I was
wearing any pants because the jersey fabric is so delicate.
They were also pretty enough to receive visitors in. (Too bad the rest of
me wasn’t). 

Belabumbum also does adorable mom and baby sets,
which I usually think are kind of creepy, but they manage to pull it
off in a way that’s actually chic with pretty prints and kimono styles
for baby.

With all the lounging around the house that happens
after baby comes home from the hospital,  I’d like to think of Belabumbum as a
stylish and modern alternative to a house dress. –Melissa

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