Back to School Shopping Guide by Cool Mom PicksYou can’t have a back to school lunchbox without all the cool goodies inside. We’ll let you take care of the yummy food and snacks. But we’ve got you covered when it comes to all the cool accessories that definitely make lunchtime every kids favorite subject.

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Back to school - bento boxes
shinzi katoh bento box
These sweet Bento boxes are perfect for preschool snacks or lunches.
($18 at My Sweet Muffin)

Back to school - Lunch Lines lunchtime riddles

Lunch Lines
If their lunch doesn’t make them smile, these silly riddles will.
($10 at Chronicle Books)

Back to school - robot sandwich container

Robot Sandwich Keeper
We love these cool one-piece BPA-free sandwich keepers that even little fingers can pop open and shut.
($6 at Cattiwampus)

Stainless steel water bottle from Beatrix NY

Water Bottles
The perfect bottle for even the tiniest of hands made from 100% food grade stainless steel.
($16 at Beatrix New York)

Back to School - Eco-friendly reusable snack bags

Snack Bags
No need to stock up on plastic snack bags with these cute eco-friendly alternatives.
($11 at Little Choux)

Back to school - eco-friendly ice packs

Eco-friendly Ice Packs
A non-toxic gel pack comes in a sweat-free cover made from plastic bottles.
($11 at By Design)

Back to school - Yubo drink holder

Yubo Drink Holder Lunchbox Attachment
No room for a drink? This handy drink holder attaches to any lunchbox so you can stuff it full of food and snacks.
($5.95 from Yubo)

Back to school - travel spork

Light My Fire Spork
What’s better than one less utensil for them not to bring home.
($CAN 11.50 at Lavis & Lime Vancouver)

Lunchskins eco-friendly reusable sandwich bags

Sandwich bags without the plastic and dishwasher safe to boot.
($10 at Creative Toyshop)

Back to school - collapsible water bottles

Collapsible Water Bottles
Make water drinking more portable than ever with collapsible BPA-free water bottles that roll, flatten, or fold when empty.
($16-48 for 2-8 bottles at Vapur)

Back to school - stainless steel food containers

Stainless Food Containers
Plastic containers begone with these smart stainless steel food containers that are functional as they are cute.
($14 for 8oz, $18 for 16oz at Green Planet Parties)

Back to school - sandwich crust remover

Crust Removers
A quick, easy way to get rid of those dreaded crusts, while sealing the sandwich together–kind of like those ready-made sandwiches. Only without the preservatives and icky stuff.
($15 at Amazon)

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