Stickr wall pockets

In the name of back-to-school for the kids and a new full-time job for me, it is high time to get the bills, to-do lists, paperwork, random photos and kiddo artwork into some kind of workable order. 

Yes, I’ve said that about 87,000 times this summer alone. But this time I really, really mean it. After all, I didn’t have these cool stick-ems before.

Stickr pockets from BUTCH & Harold are going to help me seem more organized than I am–which, in my book, is almost as good as actually being organized. 
$14.95, you get a packet of three adorable pockets that you stick
directly onto the wall (no nails or hammers–fabulous, since I can’t
find those anyway), plus a dry erase marker and nameplates to customize
your pockets. Plus, the pockets are reusable, restickable, and don’t
pull paint off walls.
Right now, mine say To
Do, Should Have Done,
and Exit. Exit, because my daughter just learned to
write that. -Lexi

Get stuck on Stickr pockets from BUTCH & Harold.