Felt nametagsI’ve been staring down the task of tagging a bunch of different items for my daughter’s foray back to school. I don’t know if it’s because she’s now a pre-K-er–a.k.a., one of the “big kids,” (sniff)–or if that eau de Sharpie isn’t my favorite scent in the world. Either way, I’ve been putting it off.

Not anymore, thanks to these adorable personalized felt name tags.

Hand-stitched on soft crafting felt and available in 17 different colors, these, personalized nametags
from Chloe in Style are as cute as can be, and totally reusable. Of
course you’re not going to buy 72 of them to label every item your kid
owns, but one would look great on your kid’s backpack, lunchbox, or even
on a gift bag. At just $8.63 a tag (Chloe In Style is Canadian!), it’s
important that you can use it over and over again.
see those sweet little flower and bee decorations? Those come
from leftover scraps from other projects–keeping waste to a minimum. –Lexi