Say goodbye to white pants and linen, mamas. Just fold it it up, put it in up on the high shelf of the closet and slowly back away. I know you can do it. But on the bright side, get ready to welcome all the really wonderful fashion choices coming your way for fall, like bright colors, menswear for women, and the resurgence of penny loafers.

Hey! Here’s a shoe that happens to combine all three.

I remember when I was a wee lass, the other kids putting actual pennies in their loafers for good luck. (One rebel in seventh grade scribbled an Anarchy A on hers in black sharpie first, heh.) So I love seeing what Umi Shoes is doing with the penny loafer for girls.

The Morrie shoe is like a loafer-meets-moccasin, sturdy enough for an impromptu dodge ball game, but comfy enough that you don’t have to break it in. That’s according to my daughter, who has been giving a pair a test run all week (thanks Umi!).

The upper is made of a durable suede, but know that little penny-holding part has a bit of a shine to it, which you can’t quite tell from the photos. I don’t love all six colors, but I think the red and purple are swell for fall and right on trend. The silver is also pretty great, but I’d imagine the dark colors will look a little fresher, longer. Which is good, if like me, you’ve got a second daughter who’s already asking to borrow her big sister’s shoes. –Liz

FInd the penny loafer for girls and other great choices for kids at Umi Shoes