Egg Hard-boiled
Did I mention that there were a lot kids’ music releases this summer? If you saw Part One in our review of great kindie releases yesterday, you’ve read—and hopefully heard–of new stuff from Caspar Babypants, Belle & Sebastian and The Hipwaders.

Now, even more great releases of this summer that you’ll want to add to your collection of kids’ music. Christina

Indie-pop music loving parents with fond memories of jumping around a dark sweaty club while a band rocks out on stage will have a blast pogo-ing around the playroom to egg’s Hard-boiled. Lots of guitar and drums, LA’s Jeff Fuller on the mic, and lyrics that cover everything from eating fruit to taking care of the earth—and, don’t worry, neither are preachy. I also have to give props to this trio for figuring out how to incorporate kids’ voices into some of their songs without making me want to hit “eject.”

Hey Pepito!

Feeling a little punky? Check out Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke’s latest in their six-song Hey Pepito! which even borrows from The Clash’s Janie Jones in Don Mario’s Song. The slower, sweeter Mary the Fairy and It’s So Good take it down to a sway-in-your seat vibe that is mellow like an end-of-summer afternoon.

Hey Pepito!

The louder = better Seattle indie-rock band The Not Its! is back with their third release Tag, You’re It! Check out the lead song, Freeze Tag, as a free download if you need convincing–and get ready to bop your head back and forth. My favorite songs from this CD are of the faster/louder variety, of which thankfully, there are plenty.

Grab some new music with Egg’s Hard-boiled, Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s Hey, Pepito!, and The Not-Its! Tag, You’re It!.


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