Little Giraffe Swaddling BlanketIf there’s one baby product that’s made a name for itself in the last few years, it’s the cotton muslin swaddling blanket. Yes, we’ve been tracking down the best ones for quite a few years now, but they’ve never been as beautiful and adorable as they are now.

The gorgeous new muslin swaddlers
from Little Giraffe are so pretty, they’re kind of making me want
another baby to swaddle. (Let’s keep that under wraps, though. Pun

They’re the same big swaddling blanket size we’re used to, but
I’m really in love with some of the prints. Particularly the
Brocade/Confetti combination (above), which offers an elegance that’s
sometimes tough to find in baby gear. And I can’t help but imagine how
much little newborns would dig the high contrast of the black and white

If your baby has outgrown swaddling, I am also quite seriously in love with
their new blanket collection, Bella. Which is so very, very soft, you’ll totally be stealing blankets from your baby.

Not that I would ever do that. –Stephanie

Find the muslin swaddlers
online from Little Giraffe