I take a lot of pictures of my kids. Some of them end up in the digital abyss crying to be turned into scrapbooks and canvases on my wall. But then there are plenty that I look at and think hm. That should have turned out better.

Now, there’s a way to make sure that happens.

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Photographer Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick has come up with a brilliant solution for a parent’s busy life: Photosanity.
It is a twelve week online workshop that covers all of the fundamentals
of proper picture taking, organizing and backing up photos.

You’ll find assignments and projects meant to motivate you, and give you
feedback on your journey. Alethea also provides endless support in the
form of a Facebook group. The 12 week live fall workshop is starting this coming Tuesday, September 13.

I talked to Alethea to get a sense of some of the great tips she’ll be teaching those of us who just want decent pictures of our offspring. (I sure need

1.  I spend most picture taking opportunities trying to coax one of my
brood to “just look at the camera” only to find that I took the shot
directly into the sunlight. Fail. Alethea says “get out of the sun!”

2. How
many of us take this great candid shot of our children, only to
discover all of the clutter behind them? That picture is so not going on
Facebook. Alethea reminded me just to move the clutter before the
click. I can handle that. 

If you want more, consider taking her workshop. Photosanity is the way
that school is supposed to be: doing stuff you love without worrying
about passing exams and orals. Bring your own apple, though. –Eva

Special Discount: 20% off the Instant Photosanity or Instant Photosanity Premium Workshop with code COOLMOM20 through 7/7/12.

Congratulations to Devi K! She won the Photosanity workshop giveaway. 


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