Orbit Baby Color PacksSometimes it can get boring pushing around the same old stroller year after year. I know you mamas know what I’m talking about. Now, if you’ve chosen your stroller wisely (which, as a CMP reader, you surely have), it’s not going anywhere anytime soon because it’s totally built to last. But you don’t keep the same purse every season. Or clothes. So why should you keep your stroller looking the same?

That’s where the awesome Color Packs
from Orbit Baby come and save the day for any Orbit Stroller G2-pushing
mamas out there.

With a quick swap of the stroller upholstery (inner
liner, support bar cover, shoulder pads) and the sunshade, any G2
stroller seat can become a whole new color and make you feel like you’re
pushing a brand new ride.

The whole shebang is machine washable, which is particularly
great if you choose a light color (I’ve noticed my Slate one already
showing some stains). And it comes in nine colors, most of which are
pretty cool. Plus, like everything from Orbit Baby, the fabrics are
eco-certified, making them safer for baby and the planet. I love that.

The only thing I don’t like about the Color Packs is that some colors
really don’t look great with the red stroller. A few of the combos
will work, of course, but I think you’ll be in much better shape to play with
fun color combinations if you’re starting with a black or a brown base.

If you love your stroller and use it multiple times a
day, chances are good that it’s going to get dirty or you’re going to
get sick of looking at it. Or both. And when that time comes, adding a
pop of color is certainly a fun way to change things up without going
out and getting a brand new stroller. I think your family budget-setter
will thank me in the long run. –Stephanie

Find the Color Packs
from Orbit Baby for the G2 Stroller