P'Kolino toddler bedToddler beds are really glorious things. They ease the transition from the warm and cozy crib of yore, and the big bad bed of the future. And they’re awesome for small spaces.

The problem is that these little beds can come with a big price tag, and since they are only used for a finite period of time, it can be hard to justify. Fear not, moms and dads of toddlers–we’ve got a new option just for you.

The new P’Kolino Cafe Con Leche toddler bed is everything you could possibly ask for, and so much more. It’s got a modern aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes. Plus, the price is right
on the money at just under $300. No kidding.

To top it off, you get more than a bed for your money; the Cafe con Leche folds into a sweet chair, perfect for reading
and lounging. When it’s time to go to bed, it easily transforms into the
perfect sized bed for your little one or a sleepover guest. Kind of like a Murphy bed, only way
cooler and much more twenty first century.

P’Kolino is available at a number of retailers around the country or order the P’Kolino Cafe Con Leche toddler bed from their website. Bonus! Like them on Facebook and they will let you know of special deals. Buy something highlighted on Facebook, and they will credit your favorite local store. How cool is that?