Emmett from Kai Collection See Kai Run
Shoe shopping for my kiddos is more like a scavenger hunt for simple, classic styles without any bling or flashing lights. As much as they’d prefer to glow in the dark, I’m pretty sure they’ll be just as happy and way more comfortable in this brand new older kid collection from CMP fave See Kai Run.

The new Kai collection
hits the sweet spot for my older kids (ages 3, 5, and 7) with more
grown-up versions of their super popular shoes. And while
there aren’t a ton of styles to choose from, I bet you’ll be as happy
as I was with what they are offering, especially for boys.

I love the Emmett
(pictured), which bridges the gap of the need for a shoe that can go
with more casual jeans to dressier khakis. And the thicker soles means
you’ll get more wear, which is particularly important if you’re buying
knowing you’ll be handing them down to siblings–or at least wanting them
to last the entire year.

I do wish there was a bit more variety than Mary Janes in the
girls’ shoe collection, I appreciate that there are no flashy sequins or crystals
on any of them. A welcome change to what seems to be clogging the shoe
boxes for girls these days. -Kristen

You can purchase the new Kai collection at See Kai Run.


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