The Jimmies
One day the kids are happily singing along to Yo Gabba Gabba; the next, they’ve somehow learned lyrics to a Katy Perry song that makes me blush. Ugh, they cross that bridge so fast.

I suggest you slow your older kids down a bit with The Jimmies, whose sound off their latest release has grown up a bit from their much-heralded 2009 CD, Make Your Own Someday. But, no worries, even while the tunes are MTV-ready, their lyrics are still as awesome, clever, and goofy as always–and you won’t have to worry about one single double entendre.

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Ashley Albert, one of the happiest people in kindie music, is at the top of her game on Practically Ridiculous, The Jimmies’ brand-new, 13-song CD. From rock-goddess, to country crooner, to city rapper, there is a little something for everyone on this CD.

The rocking Birthday blasts off the CD with a song we’ll want to celebrate many more times than once a year. And my tween loves the Gwen-Stefani-esque coolness of Mini Van Hot Rod, a song with lyrics that will make you LOL when you realize she’s singing about her swagger wagon.

Other favorites are Wash Up with its hip-hop beat, and Every Day’s a Holiday which runs through an entire calendar of holidays at breakneck speed. Get ready for some hair tossing.

Though there are songs my tween can’t get enough of, this is definitely a CD young kids will adore too. Songs like the jazzy Fine Art with its hilarious rhymes, speak directly to kids who still dutifully glue macaroni to construction paper.

The great thing about this album is that it really feels like good, catchy pop music, only without the suggestive lyrics that seem to be required of the genre these days. Your older kids will never feel like they’re listening to “little kid music,” but at the same time, you can leave the room without worrying about adult themes cropping up.

It’s about time for an album like this. I hope I don’t freak Ashley out when I say I’m already looking forward to The Jimmies’ third release. –Christina

The Jimmies’ new Practically Ridiculous is for sale on and, during the month of October, it will be exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations to Stacia R.!  She won a copy of Practicially Ridiculous by The Jimmies.


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