Turtle Tooth Fairy Boxes
On the nights I play “tooth fairy,” the last thing I want to do is wake a child while I shove my arm under their pillow in a not-so-subtle search for a tiny tooth.

So I love that one of our favorite beautiful-keepsake makers, Tree by Kerri Lee, has done it again by creating such a special and convenient way to store their little tooth until this fairy can get in to replace it with a little ka-ching.

The Turtle Tooth Fairy Box by Tree by Kerri Lee is a cute way to keep a lost tooth handy for when the Tooth Fairy flutters into the room. And considering the amount of whining my oldest did when her tooth started to fall out, I wish I could’ve given her a special keepsake in which to place it—maybe she would’ve twisted the pesky thing a little harder.

Make it even more theirs by personalizing the top with your child’s name. Though, keep in mind that your child’s tooth will now be so convenient and easy to spot, you may have to brush up on excuses if your local Tooth Fairy has a habit of being a little, um, forgetful. –Christina

You’ll find the Turtle Tooth Fairy Box at Tree by Kerri Lee.

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