Animal art prints from Tiny Us
As I have mentioned here before, I have a real sweet spot for nursery art prints. While my daughter’s room may be the size of your suburban walk in closet, I will always keep an eye out for another something special to squeeze onto her tiny walls. Especially when it’s accompanied by a cause as nice as this one.

Once again temptation presents itself with the discovery of the smart animal series from Tiny Us. We
have already declared our love for Virgine Dreyer’s noble charity
project and her mission to raise funds for Presence, a special institute
for handicapped youth in the south of France. Her latest
designs towards the cause feature quaint animal pairings of lions, elephants, monkeys and
giraffes who are perfectly charming. 
The artist succeeds here once again supporting her simple and wonderful idea that
grew out of a place of pure love and support. You place your order, make
a donation of your choice and she sends you the design file.

It’s a
win, win, win and I love, love, love. – Stephanie M

Shop and support Tiny Us at and view the full collection of the smart animal nursery prints

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