life is good music festWhen I first discovered Mommy Poppins I remember thinking, oh finally–a non-pretentious guide to all the best things to do around New York and the NYC area. There is rarely a week in which I fail to check the site to find free activities, special events, and great news about goings-on around town that my kids will love.

Now? They’re in LA and Boston too. Whoo!

Mommy Poppins LA and Mommy Poppins Boston offer the same great, searchable nav. You can check activities by age, neighborhood, type of activity or date. Or just keep an eye on the handy calendar on the home page for a snapshot of events today and in the coming week.

I love that the site is searchable in so many ways, from age to
neighbohood to date, making it so easy to find amazing things to do. It’s how I’ve found out about everything from free concerts to author readings to reminders about apple picking or neighborhood Halloween parades. There’s also a lot of great editorial content that’s helpful for families; a few years ago I guest-posted a guide to Brooklyn Heights for families on the NY site, and I loved reading all the other entries, seeing my city through the eyes of the other parents who live there.

Clearly there are fewer postings on the two new sites, but knowing publisher Anna Fader, no doubt there will be tons, soon. Today, LA and Boston. Tomorrow–the world. Lucky parents. –Liz

You can find tons of family friendly activities and events at Mommy Poppins NY, Mommy Poppins NJ, Mommy Poppins Long Island, Mommy Poppins CT, and now, Mommy Poppins LA, Mommy Poppins Boston

[image: life is good music festival, via mommy poppins]