Do the KIND thing
I’m only one person with one meager budget and very limited time. How can I do something important and meaningful this October to show my support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when I can’t donate a gazillion dollars and don’t have the hours to donate to a bigger cause?

The first thing I’ve found is as quick and simple as sending a note. Yes, it really is that easy.

KIND Healthy Snacks, those people behind the KIND bars we love so much, have created a movement called Do the KIND thing that sounds so awesome, I signed up within about 10 seconds.

On the last Tuesday of the month–that means tomorrow–KIND sends out an email newsletter with a “mission” to perform by the first Tuesday of the next month. Past missions have challenged people to give a cold beverage to someone working outdoors, or send a thank-you note to someone who offers protection for your community—in other words: not hard things to do.

If enough people accept that month’s mission, KIND then performs an act of kindness like providing backpacks to homeless school kids, or planting vegetable gardens in a few schools.

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the KINDing mission for this month asks that we send a thoughtful note or email to one woman who has impacted our lives in a positive way. If enough people agree to accept this mission, KIND will partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to hand-deliver care packages to women undergoing chemotherapy.

So, I can make someone’s day with a kind note and deliver a little love to some women going through the fight of their lives? Suddenly I’m feeling pretty good about what I can do.Christina

Sign up to join the KIND movement by September 27 (that’s tomorrow!) and to accept the October challenge. For more information, check out Do The KIND Thing at the KIND Snacks website.


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