bugaboo accessories bagI’ve always admired Bugaboo for their inventive, practical design–their infamous strollers and thoughtful accessories have arguably influenced a new wave of great design in baby gear. And I really love what they’re doing with their handy new stroller organizer, especially since you don’t have actually to own a Bug to use it .(Shh…)

The Bugaboo organizer is a
really smart alternative to a diaper bag, especially if you’ve got an actual Bugaboo (which, as moms know, doesn’t have “tons of storage space”
as a prime selling point). You just affix the two straps onto the handlebar and you’ve
got a structured, sturdy pouch to keep travel wipes, sunscreen, lip balm and a couple of diapers
at the ready. I particularly love the little mesh pouch on the side for
quick access to a bottle, sippy cup, or if you’re me, just your cell phone.

You do need to have a handlebar style stroller to have somewhere to
strap it, so I’d imagine you could use it with strollers like an iCandy,
Quinny Buzz, or Bob
. Just be mindful of the weight in there and don’t fill
it with gold bullions. Even if some of of you fancy stroller moms have
them lying around. –Liz

Find the Bugaboo organizer at Bugaboo.com or your local specialty store for $29.99.