Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty
Certainly the giggles and happy sounds coming from my 7 and 3 year old daughters as they watched the brand spankin’ new Prima Princessa DVD would be enough to convince any mama how fabulous it is. Even so, I figured as a self-proclaimed classical ballet snob, I would take a peek at it myself before I share it with you. Llet’s just say I may have let out a few squeals myself.

We’ve been long fans of  the Prima Princessa series; its creators, moms Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller, have done
a fine job of offering ballet loving girls (and boys) wonderful
kid-friendly versions of amazing classical ballets along with fun,
interactive scenarios that blend together seamlessly. And not
surprisingly, their new Sleeping Beauty DVD is no exception.
This particular DVD features an edited version of the Royal Ballet’s bright, colorful production–just long enough for a kid’s attention span. The
story narration comes courtesy of Prima Princessa, a cute, likable animated character.  After each of the four
short acts, your kids will learn a ballet move that’s related to an actual part of the performance from talented young dancers and “real” kids.

And if your little ones are like mine, they’ll be as much dancing during the DVD as there is watching. -Kristen

The Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty at their website or or at our affiliate


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